AnythingDATA™ is an Information Technology (IT) Services company delivering Strategic Technology Assessments, Data Management Solutions, Cost-Effective Application Development, IoT Solutions, and Software Engineering/Support Services.

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Our Services

Technology Strategies

Using our SevenSmarts™ Framework, and the software that automates the data collection, we quickly build Technology Strategies that are easy to understand and immediately actionable.

Data & Analytics

With so many internal and external sources of data that exist in your company, we build a unified and integrated data solutions for better analytics and improved data quality.

Cost-Effective Systems

With our own on-shore employees for efficient communication and our own off-shore employees for cost-effective development, we strike a balance for dependable long-term partnership.

Embedded Programs

With many devices generating and consuming data, we program and integrate gadgets such as Smart Watches, RFIDs, and IoT. And move data between devices and cloud databases.

Engineering & Support

Whether it is your own software or the software that we built for you, we support it for you. We even act as Product Engineering to build new features for the next version.

Our Frameworks